Monday, 18 November 2013

ebuyer, myyodel and invisible call cards

When I think I'm alone:

amazon's "offical yodel complaints forum" -
"YODEL the home delivery network - any more disgruntled customers?" -
"Why You Shouldn’t Use Yodel For Parcel Delivery" -

I've ordered parts on 12/11/2013 for my home lab from Ebuyer and requested a Saturday delivery. I could have gone for a free delivery during the week but I'm at work Mon-Fri so I've paid £14(VAT incl) to have all the parts delivered on Saturday. At that time I was not aware I can order to work as I've only changed my employer few weeks ago.

On Saturday 16/11/2013 nothing has turned up and MyYodel claims on the status page that they've attempted a delivery at 08:36AM but for some reason the driver left no card behind. Obviously I was all day at home awaiting for the parcel to arrive. After some time on the phone with MyYodel 's automated system I was told to call the person who send the parcel as there is a problem. Ebuyer's line is open only Mon-Fri. Some lady on twitter from MyYodel was trying to chase the parcel for me but failed minutes before 1PM when MyYodel goes offline and she gave me another number to the same automated system.

On Monday 18/11/2013 I've called Ebuyer from work at 9:20AM and asked for delivery to work address on Tuesday, I was told that this will cost me extra £10 but I could have parcel delivered on Monday after 6PM to home address.

When I'm writing this it's 8:46PM  and still no parcel, MyYodel site claims they've tried delivery today (Monday 18/11/2013) at 10:08AM - "Delivery attempted, call card left".

I will keep you posted as I'm struggling to get this hardware....

Delivery Options:
1) Mon-Fri business hours - my work place
2) Mon-Fri after 6PM - home address
3) SAT - any time home address
4) I can pick up

MyYodel - stop using invisible call cards
Ebuyer - stop using MyYodel