Sunday, 18 November 2012

Raspberry Pi, breadboard and GPIO

Here is the kit I got for my birthday -

I've found some interesting links on how to start having fun with SGPIO:

1) GPIO Traffic Light demo on the Raspberry Pi with Python or C -

2) Safe, controlled access to GPIO on the Raspberry Pi -

3) Getting Started with Raspberry Pi GPIO and Python -

4) GPIO Examples -

minty geek, "cookie jar alarm" test

I absolutely enjoy my new Minty Geek kit (thanks Ania :-*) -

Here is a video of  the "cookie jar alarm" test -

It's using two transistors, relay, foto-resistor to sense the light and 555IC.

MacBook Pro 13" late 2011 running Fedora GNU/Linux 17 64it

When I 1st got my MacBook Pro (13" late 2011) I wasn't happy with its performance - The Spinning Beach Ball of Death. The bottleneck was it's 5,4k rpm HDD which I replaced with Seagate Momentus XT and kept the "slow" original as a Time Machine backup drive. In the same time I've doubled the RAM to 8GB and the machine became useable workstation.

This weekend I've replaced the HDD with some standard 7,2k I had and installed Fedora 17 64bit just because I can (wanted to see how hard it's gonna be) ;-).

I had some fun getting WiFi to work and this article was the answer -

The rest was as easy as installing it on PC - no difference at all !

Here is a video of my Mac booting into Fedora 17 -

Monitor backlight control, keyboard backlight control and rest of hardware worked out-of-the-box.